Just what we need, another cowboy in CT.

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Just when you thought people had taken their love for Yellowstone to it's height, we find a new level of fandom for the Kevin Costner hit TV series. I was cruising the CT Reddit page on Monday (7/25/22) when I came across a video from Milford, CT.

The user who posted the video goes by IMNOT_A_LAWYER and they wrote: "Lazy Shoppers Beware! Frontier Justice Comes to Milford’s Walmart."

UPDATE: I Got an e-mail from George Gladue who wrote:

"Hi, you recently posted a video about a cowboy in Milford, Connecticut lassoing shopping carts at Walmart. You guys gave credit to the wrong person. The original poster poster it on Facebook TWO days prior to the person who posted it on Reddit." 

George pointed out that Angela Razzano Marrone was the original poster. We righted a wrong, and I feel much better. Thank you Angela, thank you George!

Original post below:

Look, I know we've all been through a lot, I get it. But please no more cowboys. It really began in the mid 2000's when disgruntled Rock n' Roll fans were hungry for new music and it never came. That vacuum sent people running for country music, and with that, came cowboy hats. Now the hit TV series Yellowstone has rekindled the cowboy love and we find ourselves here.

"Here" is the Milford, CT Wal-Mart parking lot, watching a man, lasso a shopping cart. Just like this man, just like you, I wanted to be a cowboy, when I was 8 years old. I wanted it so bad, I could taste it but it just didn't work out. Life pulled me away from the ranch and into a million different directions. You don't think I want a 6-shooter and some rope? You think I don't want to be "out ridin' fences?" I do.

If you like Yellowstone and country music, that's cool but don't play dress-up. If you work at AIG and live in Newtown, you're not a cowboy, at all.

Don't feel bad, Kid Rock is not a cowboy either.

P.S. I take back everything I said, be a cowboy if you want, I don't really care.

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