According to the NY Post Lebron James and Charles Barkley are in the midst of a war of words. Lebron, lately has been very vocal about needing "help." Meaning, he wants the Cavaliers to go out and bring in more All-Star players to smooth his path to the Finals.

Charles Barkley called that both inappropriate and whiny. He went on to say that "they have given him everything he wanted.” James fired back at Charles saying “He’s a hater … What makes what he says credible? Because he’s on TV?”

Dude, you are out of your league here. Charles Barkley has made a career out of talking smack and you are not on his level. You are not big enough to ride this ride. More important, Charles has nothing to lose here. He is no longer playing, his legacy is etched in stone and he has no real sponsorship's to lose. To top that all off, he is right. You have enough help, now go win a title and stop crying.

Charles Barkley has proved time and again he will say what he wants, never apologize for it and in almost every case get away with it. You are not that guy. You should stop now before he puts a verbal beat down on you. You think Charles cares if he says the wrong thing and gets fired from TNT? No. He will be out on the golf course the next day laughing his ass off.

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