Attention dog walkers of Connecticut: Please put a leash on your little friend, because there have been two dogs attacked by coyotes in Connecticut this week, and one family dog reportedly didn't survive the attack.

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At the moment, it seems that Connecticut has a couple of aggressive coyotes in the Central and Southern Connecticut River Valley of our state. Bad news first: according to, a family on High Street in Portland, Connecticut lost their family dog, a Jack Russel terrier, yesterday (January 18, 2024) after witnesses reported that a coyote snapped up the poor little dog and ran off with it. The dog unfortunately passed away as a result of it's injuries, according the Portland Police.

The bad, but not-as-bad news? Madison and Middletown's Pieper Veterinary Primary Care shared a photo and the story of Stella, a Boxer that was brought into Pieper's location in Essex. Stella recently survived an attack by a pack of six coyotes, which left poor Stella with bite wounds on her hind legs. Boxers are very strong, and she's lucky to have made it through with 6 attacking her.

According to, coyotes were first reported in Northwest Connecticut during the 1950's, and now they've become part of our ecosystem. You might mistake a coyote for a German Shepherd at first glance,, until you look into the coyote's yellow eyes. The smaller your dog, the more you need to pay attention of your surroundings, coyotes will eat mice, woodchucks, small farm animals, and your small cat or dog, especially if it weighs less than 25 pounds.

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