It's official, the State of CT has now added another back to school option.

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According to an article in the Hartford Courant, a new menu item for going back-to-school has been added, which is the hybrid model, mixing online and in-school classes.

Governor Lamont was leaning towards the back-to-school full-time in-classroom model before the parent surveys were returned. 76 percent of parents and guardians chose full in-classroom instruction, and 81 percent of teachers said they expected to teach in-person.

20 to 30 percent of parents noted they intended to keep their kids home for distance learning, and many parents said it was too soon to make a decision. In mid-July, via the I-95 FB page, I asked parents and teachers which plan they would choose. Here is a response from one of the school teachers:

As a teacher, there is no way in hell I’m going to go near children who have inconsiderate parents that consistently send their children to school with just a ’cold’. Add Covid to the mix and we’ll have our second wave of virus by the beginning of October. I love what I do but I’m not willing to die for your kid. Sorry, not sorry.

Both the Governor and Education Commissioner, Miguel Cardona, agreed that,

Every town and every city has very different metrics and some situations will be unique. We have to give them that flexibility. But at this point any parent in Connecticut has the right to keep their children home.

The back to school options for the 2020-2021 school year in Connecticut is full-time classroom instruction, the hybrid option, which is a combination of in-classroom instruction and distance learning, or full-time at-home instruction.

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