Actor Kevin Bacon has had a home in Connecticut for many years and for that reason CT people pay close attention to everything he and wife Kyra Sedgewick do.

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Any CT resident can tell you where Kevin lives and most know he's a lover/owner of goats. Most Connecticut people have even seen his band, the Bacon Brothers on-stage in Ridgefield or Torrington. But what no one seemed to know until recently is that his Nutmeg State farm was haunted and he took extreme measures to rid the property of the alleged ghosts.

Bacon talked about the haunting on a recent episode of Rob Lowe's podcast "Literally." He told Lowe that when he purchased his CT land in 1983 he attempted to buy a neighboring property but the owner was a little nervous about handing it off. Bacon told Lowe the owner claimed the farm house on the property was haunted and he'd need to destroy it to avoid becoming possessed.

Entertainment Weekly says Bacon told Lowe the following:

He said, 'I can't sell it to you because it's haunted and I'm afraid that you'll get possessed and, you know, do some serious damage. We went back and forth on this haunted house thing for a while until we finally came to an agreement, in the contract, that I had to destroy it within a month.

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Why was the property supposedly haunted? Bacon told Lowe:

It was a long story that had to do with a Native American who, in the 1700s, had been murdered by a colonial soldier.

I was discussing this with my I-95 Morning Show partner on Monday (9/25/23), listen below.

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