The fate of legalized, recreational marijuana rests in the hands of four men. In a world desperate to get high, can "The Governor's save the day?" Justice League: "The Governors" in Theaters, 2019.

According to CBS 2 The Governor's of the State's of Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania met yesterday for a summit on marijuana and vaping. Ned Lamont (CT), Andrew Cuomo (NY), Phil Murphy (NJ) and Tom Wolf (PA) gathered to discuss how best to move forward on the possibility of legalized marijuana and regulation of the vaping industry.

CT Governor Ned Lamont addressed reporters after the meeting and cranked out some amazing one liners:

“What we want to do is coordinate this on a regional basis."

"Different states are going to have different time frames” 

“We just want to make sure we go in with our eyes open and we’re consistent." 

Stop meeting as a team and coming to a consensus on political ideals. It's in no one's best interest for you to turn four states into one mega-state, that agree on everything. The four of you are incapable of running your own state's, how is this supposed to work? I guess the theory is, "two heads are better than one." If that rings true, three is better than two and four is most certainly better than three.

P.S. A summit to discuss legalized marijuana and vaping regulations makes no sense, the two are VERY separate issues. Pairing them together hurts the industries/businesses attached to them and minimizes everyone's voice. Many people are going to be in a bad way if these four keep meeting.

P.S. #3 - No one is worse at ideas than Ned Lamont, every time I turn my head, he's at it again, cranking out more ideas that are bad for everyone.


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