CT like the rest of New England is famously haunted but that's not what scares me. Ghosts and haunted places can be avoided should you choose to avoid them. What scares me is the unavoidable and in CT there are some terrifying things none of us can hide from and they are:

  • Governor Ned "The Head" Lamont - Whether it's pushing a toll plan everyone hates or hiring his rapper cousin to a cushy State job, Ned is always up to dumb. Just when I thought it could not get worse he joined forces with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for a bad idea session a couple weeks back. Apparently the two want to tackle important issues together and form a Justice League of morons that should have never been elected.
  • Secret keeping towns - In an age of unprecedented transparency, Connecticut is the state that dares to keep it's secrets. In Ridgefield they had an accidental baseball field fire. Instead of someone taking responsibility for it and moving on the town engaged in a cover-up that continues today. Forget the fact that you had many, many eye witnesses or that it was captured on film and distributed in the media, forget that it was an honest mistake and not a big deal, just cover it up until the end of time to save someone public embarrassment. Then there is Cornwall, CT where the Dudleytown property is. Some people think Dudleytown is a haunted piece of property, others think nothing is going on there. There is one thing we know for sure, anyone who has ever asked questions about it has been given the runaround.
  • People leaving in droves - The Nutmeg State has record numbers of people fleeing the state every single day to retreat to warmer or less expensive regions.
  • Danbury residents complaining about everything - By every metric that matters, The Hat City is one of the best city's in the State. This does not not stop Danbury residents from complaining about everything, ALL THE TIME. Lighten up Francis, things could not be better.

If those things don't scare the bejesus out of you, you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself. A ghost is nothing compared to the real life nightmares that are playing out all over Connecticut.

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