This past week, the Raiders took on and beat the Titans in Tennessee. Going into the game the Titans had a plan to stop All-Pro Khalil Mack. That plan was to double and triple team him. He, for his part still had three tackles, hurried Marcus Mariota several times and narrowly missed a sack. He should have been nullified completely but still was a huge disruption.

The Raiders will host the terrible Jets this Sunday at 4pm. Jets Head Coach Todd Bowles has his own plan. This is what he had to say:

“Three wasn’t enough. Maybe we’ll try five or six (blockers),” “He’s all-Pro for a reason. We know how good he is. We’ve just got to try and slow him down enough to try and make some plays.”

Good luck with that Todd. Of course he was trying to be funny but if you put six guys on one guy some people won't be covered, you feel me? Also, if I am a Jets fan right now with my team sucking so bad I really don't want my Head Coach doing stand up comedy.

The Autumn Wind is a pirate and the Jets are in for a rude awakening this Sunday. Raiders 36, Jets 12. Book it.

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