Full disclosure: I am not a Jimmy Buffet fan. I don't care for his music and I don't think he promotes what I would call a "sustainable lifestyle."

Now that you know that I went into Sunday with an inherit bias against the man, let's talk about his performance of the National Anthem at the NFC Championship Game. It went like this:

I'm no musician and I am a terrible singer, but I don't need to be either of those to know that was bad. I did talk to a musician this morning and he described it as "pitchy at best." So there's that. Follow up a sub-par performance with an unexpected "mic drop," and we have water cooler talk for days.

I don't get the "mic drop." Anyone who works with microphones knows how expensive and sensitive they are — why are we dropping them? Let's be a grown-up and put the mic back on its stand when we are done with it, OK?

On an NFL weekend where so many wild things happened between and outside the lines, you have to be really putting in some crappy work to get remembered for your anthem. Buffet managed to do just that. Congrats, Jimmy, you made the list.

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