We caught up with Comedian Jim Norton this morning to hear about his role playing Don Rickles in 'The Irishman,' his pal Rich Vos and his real struggle to get useful information out of his agent.

I had to make sure our in-studio guest, our pal, Comedian John Romanoff got a chance to say hi there at the end. Like me, John is a huge fan of Jim's and he was a big influence on John. When John told Jim that he is the reason that he got into comedy, he meant it.

This is something John and I have talked about quite a bit. That era, back when Opie & Anthony were still together and Jim was a contributor to the show was a major influence and driving force for me to get into radio. Being able to sit with John this morning, talking to Jim was a treat for both of us. Oh and I think Ethan was there too.

If you have never seen a Jim Norton show, now is the time to get on that. Jim is coming to Foxwood's on April 3rd and tickets just went on sale this morning (12/20/19) at 10 am.

P.S. Vos, if you are reading this, don't whine about the "horse-toothed idiot" comment. You got a ton of free plugs and I linked to your stupid website. I actually think you have nice teeth but the Justin Timberlake hats your wearing are a hard pass for me. 

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