Ole' crazy eyes met with the media yesterday and reporters wasted no time getting down to business asking him about his reported rift with former GM Mike Maccagnan.

His body language, demeanor and word choices were all defensive. If that is not enough the man has a well documented reputation of being difficult to work with. Now he is the coach and GM and there are targets all over this guys back. This is going to be a hilarious NFL year in the Tri-State. I'm getting my popcorn and posting up for a show.

The Adam Gase Saga reminds me of someone. Fired by the Dolphins for under-performing to their standards, hired as coach by the Jets and then he steals the GM job from Maccagnan. He's Ryan Howard from "The Office." Hired guy.

I don't trust Adam Gase. Everything I need to know is in those eyes. He looks like a guy trying to remember to to buy rope, bleach, shovels and garbage bags on his way home.

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