Losing luggage is explainable, but this is unthinkable.

Lost luggage, misplaced family pets, cancelled flights, long TSA lines. We all know the deal with airline travel, but this one takes the cake. Although to be honest, I'm surprised it doesn't happen more often. I don't know about you, but I'm always kind of apprehensive when I see children flying alone. I know they aren't really alone - alone, but it still scares the beejesus out of me.

In a story from CBSnews.com, JetBlue flew two young boys to the wrong airports, hundreds of miles apart.

Maribel Martinez's five-year-old son, Andy, was supposed to fly home alone from the Dominican Republic to JFK in New York. However Andy was mistakenly flown to Boston. Turns out there was also another little boy flying home from the same airport that Andy was. That boy was supposed to fly to Boston, but passports somehow got switched, and the other boy wound up arriving at JFK. So crewmembers bring that child over to Martinez thinking it was Andy.

Can you imagine for a moment the mom's freakout? I sure can. Sheesh.

JetBlue made made this statement to CBS

While the children were always under the care and supervision of JetBlue crewmembers, we realize this situation was distressing for the families. In addition to extending our apologies, we refunded the flights and offered the families credit towards future JetBlue flights. We are also reviewing the incident with our leadership and Santiago airport team to prevent similar situations from occurring in the future

All I can say is #!@%$*!!

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