Didn't you learn the basic rule of cross at the crosswalk? See what happens when you jaywalk.

Let's state the obvious. Don't do drugs. Don't buy them, don't sell them. Don't be stupid. But we know the world isn't changing any time soon. Hence this story.

In a story from the norwalk.dailynews.com, a Bridgeport man is being held on 100-thousand-dollars bail after police in Norwalk say they found crack cocaine hidden in his underwear. Jaywalking was his downfall.

From the norwalk.dailynews.com, police say that a Norwalk Police Department Special Services officer, Lt. Terry Blake, was driving in the vicinity of police headquarters when he witnessed two vehicles almost hit two men.

While that's pretty horrific, problem is that the two guys in question had walked out into the street disregarding the crosswalk.

According to Nowalk police, when the officer stopped to tell the men to be safe and use the crosswalk he claims that one man appeared to be nervous and looked as if he would run.

Lt. Terry Blake said Terrick Vanlierop consented to a search. Which lead to the pants part of the story. Blake found that Vanlierop appeared to have hidden something in his pants. You know where this is going. He was brought to the police station and two bags containing what officers say over seven grams of crack were found in his underwear.

Vanlierop is charged with possession of narcotics and other offenses. Here's your sign dumbass. And I'll add, crack is whack.

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