Would you look at that, twenty years after blowing minds and making international headlines with a green dress at the Grammy's, J-Lo did it again. J-Lo closed out Versace's Spring fashion week Friday, in Milan, in the recreated, updated version of the dress. Dare I say she looks better now than she did then? Yeah, I dare because she does indeed.

What is this beautiful lady doing dating the world's biggest ass clown? I mock Alex Rodriguez on a weekly basis, on his Instagram account because I simply cannot help myself. He, of course does not care because his life is spectacular and I do it anyway. Jenny from the Block brought the heat to Milan and the world will never be the same again.

Did I think I would wake up this morning and write anything about Fashion Week in Milan? Of course not but here we are and it's because Jennifer Lopez refuses to stop being hot, refuses to age, will not fade into the night. This was a mic drop of epic proportion and the after effects will echo through eternity. I would not, at all be surprised if she does it again in twenty years and still brings the house down.

Versace - Runway - Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020
Getty Images

This is the face of winning. Absolute criminal behavior, savagery, not fair to anyone else in a dress that day.



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