Nikki Sixx has claimed a legal victory in his ongoing battle with an alleged stalker.

In a post to X (formerly Twitter), the Motley Crue rocker reported that he’d been “awarded legal fees” from a stalker who allegedly targeted him and his family, adding that they were “now just awaiting sentencing.”

“People can’t do whatever they want when it comes to my family,” the bassist declared. “It’s important to hold these people accountable.”

Amazingly, this is one of two stalker cases Sixx is currently dealing with. He first brought the scary situations to light in November, noting that “a deranged woman from Tennessee” and “another stalker from a different part of the country” had both been harassing and threatening his family.

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The FBI got involved, with legal action taken against both women.

In his update, Sixx noted his recent legal victory came against “stalker number 2.” “Also because of the weather the first stalker’s sentencing got pushed back a little,” the rocker reported. “That’s coming soon too. We are asking for three years in jail. We are using the legal system to hold bad people accountable. When your daughter and wife get threatened all bets are off.”

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