This is such a super cool story because there's nothing like accidentally running into a hero of yours who also happens to be one of the biggest celebrities in the world.

Every Tuesday, Darien firefighter Shane Smith and his 7-year-old son Blake go to the WWE championship belt sculpture outside the company's Stamford headquarters according to News 12. It's a standing tradition that's taken shape after Blake's basketball practice.
However, the last time around while Shane and Blake were there, three SUVs pulled up, and who should step out but Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson? Now while I truly only know him as an awesome actor who can do serious, coolness, and comedy, I know he started as a beloved wrestler in the WWE world.
While Shane and Blake just stared, The Rock walked right up to them and asked Blake if HE could get a photo with him. How cool is that!  I love him even more now.
 According to News 12, The Rock was in Stamford because he joined the board of directors for something called TKO Group Holdings and signed a merchandising agreement with the WWE so he now has ownership of his trademarked name, "The Rock."
In case you're interested or didn't know, because I sure didn't, TKO according to Wikipedia was created when the WWE and the Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC merged last fall, 2023.
The Rock posted his excitement of being in Stamford to join the TKO board on his Instagram feed.
An historic day of big business with deep and personal “life comes full circle” significance for me. I have the privilege now to sit at the table, that my grandfather and my dad helped to build. Now the fun part - we go to work. We build. Thank you to my TKO/WWE partners.

Looks like we may have more exciting sightings of The Rock in the months and years to come. I'm here for it!

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