Is There a State in America With More Hit-and-Run Accidents Than Connecticut?

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There are a handul but not many, our state is right at the top for these cowardly wrecks.

There is a personal injury firm called The Suzuki Law Offices that just did some research utilizing data from the NHTSA. They wanted to find the states where hit-and-run accidents happen most frequently and they determined that "Connecticut has the eighth-highest rate in the country, with one in twelve (8%) fatalities involving a hit-and-run, 26% above the national average." 

In case there is any confusion that means that 8% of the state's crashes involve a hit-and-run. Eight percent is a lot of people, taking off for home when the s--- hits the fan.

Here was the Top 10 Hit-and-Run states in the US:

1 - California

2 - Illinois

3 - New Jersey

4 - Alaska

5 - Hawaii

6 - New Mexico

7 - New York

8 - Connecticut

9 - Arizona

10 - Texas

It's also been well documented that Connecticut is seeing a significant rise in pedestrians being hit by cars and many of those are hit-and-run incidents. According to NBC CT :"Data shows hit-and-run crashes that cause injuries are up roughly 25% since 2015 in our state, from about 1,800 to 2,500, according to the Connecticut Transportation Safety Research Center."

I have a specific passion for this topic because a friend of mine was a victim. They were out on their motorcylce and a car smashed into them sending them flying through the air. My friend was ultimately OK but not without the assistance of his guardian angel watching out for him.

What kind of scumbag hurts someone like that and takes off running? Well, it happens more frequently than you may think, especially in Connecticut.

Lawmakers are scrambling to find answers but the problem is only getting worse in the meantime. Life on Connecticut roads is all about hit-and-runs, street takeovers, potholes, crumbling bridges, traffic and my wife wonders why I don't want to go out.

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