The Ives Concert Park almost had to cancel the remainder of the 2018 summer program due to lack of funds.

According to the NewsTimes, it appears that Danbury City Council members withheld $52,000 that helps fund the Ives Authority which oversees the concert park. Certain City Council members were reportedly annoyed that Phyliss Cortese, the Executive Director of the Park, was a no-show at a committee meeting regarding the city budget. What they didn't know was that Cortese caught the nasty norovirus that hit Western Connecticut State University, and she became extremely ill and wasn't able to attend.

It appears that certain Council members are uneasy about the city's yearly contribution. When Mayor Boughton learned that the $52,000 contribution was erased from the city budget, he reportedly got a bit cranky and told the NewsTimes:

You can't complain that we don't fund cultural stuff and then cut cultural stuff. The fact is the Ives can't plan a season if the money isn't in the line item.

Mayor Boughton, Cortese, and the City Council have agreed to officially get together and review the park's plans and priorities for the future. In the short term, this means that the Brews and BBQ festival is a go, baby! It's on Saturday, May 12 at the Ives Concert Park from 3-9pm featuring the incredible Amy Helm and Doyle Bramhall II.

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