It's not unusual to tune into the Ethan and Lou Show and hear me (Lou) encouraging people to panic. I do this usually around an expected weather event like a massive snowstorm, I'll tell people to duct tape loaves of Wonder Bread to their head to protect from flying debris, that kind of thing.

Today (6/18/20) the world celebrates International Panic Day. This is how Holiday Insights describes the holiday:

Today is International Panic Day, a day for everyone to be worried and concerned. We're not sure what is so big, and so widespread, to create an international incident of this magnitude.  But, here it is on the calendar international day of panic.

This is not the only day to be panicked. The month of March also has a Panic Day.


The Origin of International Panic Day:

Our research did not find the creator, or the origin of this day.

If you have any information about this holiday, please email us.

Now ahead of this Panic Day we find ourselves enveloped in, we were discussing how we would celebrate International Panic Day on Facebook Live and the audience started to turn on me. They thought I was making fun of folks who have panic (anxiety) attacks and I stopped them in their tracks. I let them know that I have anxiety attacks, explained I don't think they are funny and did my best to explain the kind of panic I find funny and that went something like this.

We don't need to add reasons for people to panic, there are plenty of them in the world today but we will try and identify situations where we do think it can be funny today and we hope you will join us. If this topic has you triggered, maybe this isn't the kind of show for you. My bosses always panic when I say things like that but it needs to be said sometimes.

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