It's the worst kept secret in the NFL, Aaron Rodgers is the boss in Green Bay. #12 is El Jefe and if you mess with him on Monday, you will be creating a account on Tuesday. Winston Moss found this out the hard way on Tuesday evening.

Moss, a former Packer has been an Associate Head Coach with the Packers for 13 years and that's done now because he tweeted this:

9+ hours later, Moss tweeted again.

I don't see the appeal to Twitter. Every time It's mentioned someone is losing their job over it. Is it the pressure of having to express yourself in 140 characters that gets people to say dumb things?

With Mike McCarthy out as Head Coach, the Aaron Rodgers power tour is just warming up. Rodgers is the top voice in that organization right now, no question about it. Whoever replaces McCarthy long term as the coach better keep their head on a swivel.

Don't forget how Rodgers came up, he was part of a soap opera when the Packers wanted to transition away from Favre and go to him. He took a lot of heat even though he played the good guy and said all the right things. That had to have had an impression on him. He has the power and is not giving it up.



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