According to poll results released by The Independent, young adults spend six hours PER DAY stressed out. The age range that defines "young adults" is 18 to 25-year-olds, and the results come from a poll of 1,000 people. The reasons for their stress were appearance, money, and career.

1 in 10 people in the poll say they have no one to talk to about their worries. Money concerns were the biggest problem cited in the poll. 85 percent of the people polled said they feel lonely, although the average person in the study has an average of 165 friends on social media.

This age group is one I constantly make fun of, but not today. Stress sucks.

So, today, I will advise them on how to deal with stress. I mean it — this is real advice on how to cope with this.

  • You are just getting started - Life is long, life sucks, get a helmet. Seriously though, I am 38, and I am here to tell you it gets MUCH harder. There are people older than me reading this right now laughing aloud, because they know WAY more than I do about the depths of "suckage" life has in store for you. It's a marathon, you are at the start. Pace yourself.
  • No one wants to hear your problems - I mean it. Your "friends" will tire of having to dig you out of despair. Don't bother them with your crap. They have their own. Either call your mom (the only person who cares you exist) or get a therapist. Therapists get those fat paychecks for a reason. No one listens to anyone. People pretend they are listening, but they are not. They are just waiting for their turn to talk.
  • Forget the money - If money is VERY important to you, get a job that is synonymous with money, and work hard. Just like magic, you will wake up one day, be 30-years-old, and be swimming in money. If money is not important to you, think it over some more. Trust me. If you think it over, sleep on it, pray on it, and still come up with the idea that money is not important to you, CONGRATS — you are an artist. You will have to work harder to have just the basics in life, and you had better be OK with watching your friends have things you won't. On a positive note, if you can earn an actual living wage being an entertainer, your life is going to be WAY cooler than other people's lives.
  • Social Media - Ditch it. If you think those are your real friends, you are wrong. If you spend more time with your eyes down, than you do with your eyes up, you are doing life wrong. Fix that.

That is my real advice. It is important to note that I happen to be really stressed today. I won't bother you with my worries, just know you are not alone.

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