The Democratic candidate in the Danbury mayoral race, Al Almeida, claims that overcrowded roads are a nuisance to Danbury residents.

Almeida is attempting to oust Boughton in the upcoming Mayoral race. Almeida told the News Times:

The other day it took me 40 minutes to go from North St. to Great Plain Elementary School - and I know the back roads. And this traffic congestion is all around the city.

Could this be the fault of Mayor Boughton? Personally, I think not. Here's what the Mayor had to say about Almeida's comment:

There is a lot of construction in the city right now between the gas pipeline and the state construction at I-84, Exit 5, that has put pressure on other roads, but things will smooth out as these areas are completed.

I'm sorry, Mr. Almeida, but I don't think you have a leg to stand on. There's a reason that this Mayor has been elected by the people to serve eight two-year terms.

Last month, Danbury was named one of the Top 50 livable cities in America by 24/7 Wall Street. The website,, named Danbury as one the 100 best high schools in the state. In November of 2016, the Yankee Institute for Public Policy named Danbury the leading Renaissance city in the state. In November of 2014, 24/7 Wall Street named Danbury as the second best city in the United States.

By the way Mr. Almeida, the construction and roadwork that is slowing traffic down is a means to an end to help improve both the look and the roads in Danbury.

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