Our great city of Danbury continues to accumulate accolades from all over the country due to its continued growth and improvements.

The Yankee Institute for Public Policy recently weighed in by saying that Danbury is experiencing a renaissance because they're moving in the opposite direction as the rest of Connecticut, in a good way. Connecticut's credit rating has been deteriorating gradually but Danbury's credit rating is rated AAA.

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Danbury is doing all the right things like setting money aside for future capital projects and attracting medium and small businesses to the city, along with building new affordable housing. A 2016 study by Wallethub.com., an online financial and credit database, just named Danbury as the best city in Connecticut to launch a start-up business.

There is one large disadvantage of an up and coming city like Danbury. Because of the upsurge in population growth in Danbury, schools are beginning to see overcrowded classrooms. Overall, Danbury is flourishing with healthy business growth, a steady rise in population, and increased job growth. Danbury's renaissance continues!

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