Wallet Hub did their annual study to find America's Hardest Working state and Connecticut did poorly.

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The study looked at key factors that include:

  • Average Work Week in Hours
  • Employment Rate
  • Idle Youth Rate
  • Annual Volunteer Hours Per Resident
  • Average Leisure Time Spent Per Day

When all was said and done they found that North Dakota was the Hardest Working State in the Nation. Connecticut ended up with the horrific score of #46 and our neighbors in New York were even worse off at #49. Here are the Top 10 Hardest Working States:

1 - North Dakota

2 - Alaska

3 - South Dakota

4 - Nebraska

5 - Wyoming

6 - Texas

7 - Virginia

8 - Colorado

9 - Kansas

10 - Hawaii

Source: WalletHub

Connecticut was particularly lean in "average work week hours" where we tied for 45th in America. That explains why my friends are texting me all day while I'm actually working.

I look at the Tri-State area as the center of the world and it's all one big extension of New York for me. What happened to "if you can make it there you can make it anywhere?" We cannot keep getting outworked by Kansas people, this is an embarrassment.

It might actually be that Connecticut residents have a better overall lifestyle and less work hours because they have better jobs as a result of higher education. But that rationale is not as interesting as asking the question, "Is CT Lazy?"

We talked about this on the Tuesday edition of I-95 Morning Show, listen below.

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Aurora Photography

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