When I read an article on the Patch this morning about a guy from Danbury who was busted going 160 in a 70 mph zone on Interstate 93, I gotta say I wasn’t shocked. I take the highway to and from work and see this abominable behavior nearly every day, I even wrote an article about my frustrating driving experience in haikus. I was glad to find out the dude wound up getting caught when he was forced to slow down in traffic.  Thankfully he didn’t kill himself or someone else…this time.  But, what about next time?  What is being done about lethal speeds in Connecticut?

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After some research from an article from this past winter, it turns out there is a pilot program rolling out this summer to put speed cams on Connecticut highways.  Many were in favor of this, but some are not (including the Trooper’s Union who are worried it will take away work from state troopers). The penalty for speeding under this pilot was that...

“Drivers going more than 15 miles an hour over the posted limit in a highway work zone will have their license plates recorded. A first violation means a warning. A second violation includes a $75 fine. A third violation $150 fine.”

This seems like a good start, but some knuckleheads with money to burn won’t worry about a fine if they even do happen to trigger the speed cam. I was unable to find any recent updates on this pilot program, so whether it has been imposed is yet to be determined.

Isaac Chou on Unsplash
Isaac Chou on Unsplash

Large Dave also recently wrote an article about a crackdown on illegal street racing so you can say it has become an epidemic of sorts.

After going right to the source, I found that according to the CT Department of Transportation’s press release in July,

“The Connecticut Department of Transportation Office of Highway Safety is launching a high-visibility anti-speeding enforcement effort in partnership with State and local law enforcement and the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The campaign aims to raise awareness and change driver behavior and will increase efforts to enforce speed limits from July 1 to September 5, 2022.” 

Speed cameras are not out of the question, starting August 1st, speed cameras are now in full effect in NYC 24 hours a day 7 days a week. According to a report by ABC 7 in New York City, anyone caught speeding will receive a $50 fine in the mail. Again, will a fine be enough to stop this insanity? How long will it be until speed cameras are used on I-84 or the Super 7?

Jurgen Jester on Unsplash
Jurgen Jester on Unsplash

It seems like common sense not to drive your car at speeds where you can lose control and kill yourself or someone else. Just ask Tiger Woods, he came damn close to killing himself.

Tiger Woods Injured In Rollover Car Crash
Getty Images

Unfortunately, there are other mind-numbing factors at play here like the use of drugs or alcohol that are impairing these people’s judgment that would cause them to travel at such dangerous speeds. It seems there need to be stricter penalties than a fine, perhaps a point system on your license. I don't mean to be a "Debbie Downer" because I am just as guilty of speeding as anyone else, but nowhere near the types of speeds we are talking about here.

What are your feelings on this?  Sound off in the comments, and be safe out there...please.

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