You've heard it, the roar of a 400 horsepower engine, the scream of rubber as it grinds into the blacktop, it's the sound of someone with a powerful vehicle burning out. Someone on a motorcycle made those circles you see in the photo above on Rt. 7 in Brookfield, but police all over Connecticut are cracking down on illegal street racing, reckless driving, and destruction of property.

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The Connecticut State Police - Troop E Montville posted this to their social media yesterday - take a look at what they discovered in a commuter lot in North Stonington.

Troopers from the CT State Police - Troop G were also out in force this past weekend on Rt. 7 in Norwalk, specifically focused on reckless drivers who were racing and speeding on the stretch of highway between I-95 and the Merritt Parkway.

I hear speeders and people burning out their tires quite frequently at home in Torrington, and here at work in Brookfield. There's a little turnaround at the end of the highway portion of Rt. 7 where the new D.O.T garage is being built, and sometimes during the day I can hear the sounds of someone revving up a beast.

Photo by Large Dave
Photo by Large Dave

Street racers fly along Thomaston Avenue in Waterbury, Sargent and Long Wharf Drives in New Haven, Main Street in Hartford, and I-84 and the Merritt Parkway? Whew. Numerous ATV riders fly through the downtowns everywhere in Connecticut. It's not 'Mad Max' out there yet, but it's close.


I've never owned a vehicle with more that 250 horsepower, my Subaru isn't strong enough to make a semi-circle in any parking lot. It must be thrilling to do 0-60 in 4 seconds, but don't do it on Main Street.

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