Meetings are the necessary evil of the corporate world. Today, we have one here at the station. They are gonna hook us up with a continental breakfast today so it won't be all that bad.

In honor of this day, I present to you some of my favorite Michael Scott conference room meetings in no particular order:

The First Aid Meeting 

In a meeting filled with nonsense Creed manages to stand alone. Throwing hay makers like: "You were in the parking lot earlier, that's how I know you."

Sensitivity Training 

Toby needed to remind Michael that he cannot make fun of people's gender. And for that he is called a lemon head. Classic.

Sales Training 101 AKA "The Buttlicker" call 

When a man named Buttlicker cannot hear about your amazing prices, sometimes you need to scream.

Prison Mike

One of my favorite Michael Scott alter-egos. When someone says that prison is better than the office you only have one choice. Pretend to be a prisoner, with no knowledge of prison life, wear a doo rag and talk about the dangers of the prison shower. Don't drop the soap. Your da bell of a da ball.

Chris Rock routine

When your white boss does a black comedian's racially charged stage bit it calls for a meeting on race relations.

I am AT THIS MOMENT saying a little prayer that some part of my meeting today can be something approaching this kind of hilarity.

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