Bitcoin has been confusing the amateur investor for some time now. The very idea of an alternate currency has people scratching their heads and has potential investors nervous to make the leap.

The Ethan and Lou show has no idea where to even begin on this one we brought in someone who does. Jordan Goodman is our new financial correspondent. To get you caught up, this is what Jordan had to say about Bitcoin back in December. Let's just call it "Investing in Bitcoin for Dummies."

Since Jordan's last appearance on the show, Bitcoin's value has gone down. We wanted to bring him back on to update us on the fluctuating value, what he thinks of Bictoin now and what are some other hot cryptocurrency investments. We will do that tomorrow at 8:15am. Don't miss the very informative and actually, hilariously funny Jordan Goodman tomorrow on I-95.

DISCLAIMER - If you take anything said in our last interview with Jordan or tomorrow's interview as financial advice this is on you. If you dump your kids college fund into Bitcoin and lose it, you just lost it, not our fault. Get a helmet, life sucks. 

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