I have seen a butt ton of Easter Egg Hunts in my life. Every one I have ever seen has ended with at least one child crying. Now is that in line with the spirit of Easter? I think not. The kids as usual are never the issue, it's the adults that ruin everything.

The only thing worse than a traditional Easter egg hunt would be an Easter egg hunt at Chuck E. Cheese. Mix a little booze into the equation and see people lose their minds. You have parents cheating for their children, you have other parents who don't want the confrontation, you have people's natural competitive spirit all fired up. That is a recipe for disaster and always ends with an innocent child weeping uncontrollably.

I think this needs to be an Ethan and Lou social experiment next year. We have an all adult Easter Egg hunt. I'll be sure to have paramedics on scene, cause we are going to need them.

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