I'm all for a pants off dance off but this is too much. I mean there is an obvious upside like the girl pictured above walking around damn near naked. The flip side however is terrible. I saw a picture in the NY Post slideshow where you can visibly see a guys kibbles and bits. I don't wanna look at both bangers and mash on my way to work.

It's fun and games and all but what happens when you get street level? More important, what happens when you get to work? Just continue to flip and flop in front of your co-workers? I know that the corporate world is ever changing and things tend to be a little more lax nowadays with the dress code but let's get real.

You can't be hanging Boar's Head meats all over the office without someone shooting an e-mail off to human resources. I'm sure it's surprising to hear that I am against this but I am. Keep your pants on, literally.

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