"The Last Man on Earth" debuted on FOX on March 1, 2015 and was cancelled on May 10, 2018 after four seasons. In the show, Will Forte plays Phil Miller AKA "Tandy" AKA "skid-mark." The series timeline starts in late 2020 and a virus has swept through Earth killing everyone on the planet except for Phil Miller or so he thinks. After coping with the loneliness for far too long Phil is all set to commit suicide when he sees signs of life.

He sees smoke in the distance and when he follows the trail he meets Carol Pilbasian played by the hilarious Kristen Schaal. Phil and Carol marry soon after due to a lack of options and eventually the other characters follow.

I was a big fan when it came out, was upset when it was cancelled and hope it returns because it makes a lot of sense right now. The parallels between the plot of this show and our current situation (COVID-19) are not total but stark. Watching the show now is still funny but also more scary than it was on my first go around.

So what's up with the beard? Phil (Tandy's) brother Mike Miller played by Jason Sudekis shaved it off while Phil slept. Phil keeps it that way out of spite and to prove it didn't bother him. I think it's time for the #Tandybeard to be the hot new trend of the "web" and I want to lead the charge. If you don't want to actually keep it that way, I didn't you just take the photo, post it and then shave the rest like me, Whose coming with me?

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