I have no reason to watch this game. I know the result before the game starts. I know what the pre and post production pieces will be. I could write the script for any of the self promotion hype videos the NFL will put out. I know what the commentators are going to say. I know the halftime show will suck. I know ALL OF THIS.

I'm still going to watch. I am going to watch because even a predictable football game with unnecessary hype is better than anything on television. Football is just fun to watch. The game is violent, clunky and moves way too slow in this era.

It's also played by world class athletes who do something we can't. The game, especially this "big one" will provide us with something to talk about the next morning. It will be something interesting and a rare moment where we can talk about something without trying to kill each other.

So while I so badly wanted to tell you I'm out on this game, I'm not. I'm all in. It's football and I love football.

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