I have had two good Rosé glasses in my day, they were both phenomenal and both were consumed on the grounds of a vineyard. Both glasses were heavily recommended by the head wine boss. They were top notch, delicious and not too sweet, which is important to me. Here's the problem, I can't go find them at my local liquor store, I can't remember their names because of all the wine we drank. We Ubered there and back, so yeah, it was a day.

If you have a Rosé that you like to sip or plow in your downtime, I need to know about it. I'm looking for something that borders on a fruit fiesta with just enough tang to make my tongue smack. The alternative is, I keep trying to stumble onto a good Rosé while out to dinner at my local Chuck E. Cheese, his plan has not worked to this point. I also feel like Rosé season may be winding down, it feels more like a summer drink. I don't care, I want what I want, when I want it.

P.S. I know I am leaving myself wide open to jokes about what I drink, I don't care about that either. I am forty years of age, I know what I like and I want to drink what I like. I know somehow it makes me less of a man because I don't want to drink coma inducing IPA's that taste like your grandmother's foot. I know that there are tons of "tough guys" out there who like to chug Coors Light's and urinate all day long while never catching a buzz. I also know the same people who made fun of me for drinking Zima back in the day drink Mango flavored Truly's now. I want seven good glasses of wine and an endless cheese plate. This is who I am now, give me the information I need so I can live my best life.

P.S. 2 - Who wants to have a Rosé and cheese plate party with me?

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