Another day, another poop-filled commute. This time, literally. I know about crappy drives, but this one really stinks.

I'll let go of the ranting. I'm not the only one who lives in commuter hell around Connecticut. One day, it's the drive from hell because it's rainy and foggy, and many drivers can't navigate that. Another day, it's a bright, sunny sky, and apparently, that too causes a problem for some. Do you not carry an extra pair of sunglasses in your vehicle? But, wait, I digress. Here's one really smelly story for you:

In a report from, the morning had a real stench to it. Ellington, CT was the scene of today's crap filled woes when about 6,000 gallons of liquid manure fell off a tractor-trailer and rolled over into a field. According to state police, around 3,000 gallons of manure and 10 to 15 gallons of diesel fuel leaked out. Clean up is underway. I'm thinking gas masks are possible. I have no words other than how much more of a s--t show can our commute be?

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