Earlier this month, a horse from Oklahoma named "Bofa Deez Nutz" got its first victory at Oklahoma City's Remington Park. A horse's first victory is not likely to make headlines around the country, but this one did, because of its unique name.

Once we got wind of the horse, the win, and its name, we spent an unusual amount of time talking about it on the Ethan and Lou Show. We managed to reach out to owner Jeff Dean and his wife Angie and even interviewed Angie on our show. I'd share that interview, but the audio quality was not the best.

When we talked to Angie, she mentioned that they were selling "Bofa Deez Nutz" t-shirts and we begged her to send them to us, and they arrived today. Thank you, Angie. You made my week. It really is the little things that make me happy. I changed out of the shirt I was wearing right away and into my "Bofa" shirt in the studio.

Here's a video of Ethan and I showing off our new threads as only we can:

Here's the now famous call of the big win by Bofa Deez Nuts:

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