Remington Park, Oklahoma City was the scene, horse racing was the game. The winner was Bofa Deez Nuts. This means, we all win.

According to Deadspin, Bofa Deez Nuts took the win and the $10,000 purse in the maiden claiming race on Friday night.

Brilliant! I love this so much. If this were a pig race, it would not have had the same significance. This is the big money, high society world of horse racing we are talking about, and you know the other race teams are not in love with the name Bofa Deez Nuts.

The article states that Jeff Dean is the owner/trainer of Bofa Deez Nuts. I need to talk to this guy, like yesterday. I'm going to assume he came up with the name, and I need to know how much his contemporaries hate his guts. I love this guy. We have already got the wheels turning to book Jeff Dean on the Ethan and Lou show to talk about his victory in this race, and in more general terms, his victory in life. Anyone who owns a horse named Bofa Deez Nuts is a winner in my book.

BIG SHOUT OUT to the race announcer who held it together while calling this one. I cannot say I was able to accomplish the same thing. In fact, while talking about this on the Ethan and Lou Show this morning, it took me three tries to spit it out for the first time.

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