I read this morning on MMAMANIA that UFC Heavyweight Brendan Schaub said he will bet 100,000 dollars that Conor Mcgregor will win at least one round. Yeah when Floyd Mayweather and Conor Mcgregor mix it up in the ring this August the world will be watching but most don't expect a great fight.

Every expert on the sport of boxing says Conor Mcgregor is going to get embarrassed. You can make that reason # 1,846,312 I want Conor to get a clean shot and knock Mayweather's a-- out cold. I want an actual, lights out knockout.

No one would call Mcgregor a hero battling a villain. The fact is Conor has a big mouth, he's cocky and he says outrageous things. Mayweather though is cockier and more annoying than maybe any high profile fighter in combat sports. Anyone who habitually appears on TV shows and flaunts his cash is a Grade A d----- bag.

He's a habitual line stepper.

So there you have it. We have a habitual line stepper versus an Irish guy, whose side do you think I am on? I am praying for the miracle upset.

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