According to ABC News, part one of a two-part conversation with the fiance of Aaron Hernandez aired yesterday on the Dr. Phil show. The fiance's name is Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez, and she claims her husband's death was not a suicide.

Now, there's no other way to say this; Aaron Hernandez was a terrible person and his death did not shake me or shock me in anyway. I just did not care. In fact, we spent little to no time on anything having to do with him on the Ethan and Lou show.

However, my guy, Dr. Phil, is involved now, so it's must see TV for me. I missed part one yesterday, but I will, for sure, be there for part two today. What he will do is what he always does, which is brilliant.

He will lull her into a sense of trust by allowing her to talk for a few minutes uninterrupted and just when she thinks she is safe BAM! That's when Phil takes over and starts "putting verbs in his words" as he always says.

Phil is a TV wizard, and he is way more than the guy who interviewed the "Cash me outside" girl.  Keep in mind, Phil will physically get in your business during commercial.

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