I usually look at emails from grocery stores to see if I can save a few bucks, but one from Big Y this morning actually got me to sign a petition. What was Big Y fighting for on our behalf? Grocery store wine sales in Connecticut. I'm in.

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Even thought it failed last year, Big Y and CTWineNow.com are back at it again urging us to reach out to our state legislators and urge them to allow wine to be sold in grocery here in Connecticut. We have almost everything available for purchase at all times, but where we purchase wine is still regulated. According to ctwinenow.com, 42 other states sell wine in grocery stores, including our immediate neighbor Massachusetts.

New York, Rhode Island and Connecticut do not, but "84% of CT residents" or "An overwhelming majority of adult CT grocery store shoppers" have told ctwinenow.com and Big Y that they want the convenience of vino next to fresh produce and cheese.

Most package stores in Connecticut nuzzle right up to their local markets, so the convenience angle of a one-stop shop is more for smaller cities and towns. I really don't drink alcohol, overindulgence is frowned upon by my doctors due to the medications I'm on, but what I very sick of is cooking good food with Holland House wines. Please, let us have premium quality wine next to all of the fresh ingredients to make the perfect standing rib roast, or pair with the all the fresh seafood that you would never find in a big cooler next to the half kegs.

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