Connecticut needs your help!

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A new initiative called 'Step Up Connecticut' puts out a call for helpers to volunteer their time to help out at COVID-19 testing sites. With the second wave of coronavirus just weeks away, testing is at an all-time high, which means the number of CT residents wanting to be tested has overwhelmed the health care system.

According to WFSB, CT has run out of healthcare professionals and will need to rely on volunteers to help hand out registration forms, basic data entry, and the clinical role of actually taking the nasal swab. Governor Lamont told WFSB, "We have now done 3 million tests, and there is a job for everyone, regardless of experience."

Testing has tripled in Connecticut over the last several weeks, and workers have become exhausted. There are 15 testing locations throughout Connecticut, and they desperately need workers. Greeters are needed at testing sites as they wait for a medical professional to give them the test. Delivery personnel is also needed to deliver food to the elderly or residents who cannot travel to a food bank. If you'd like to help out, you can also reach out to Hillside Food Outreach.

In New Fairfield, Selectman Khris Hall plans to recruit volunteers to help with the vaccination process once it's up and running. Volunteers will be needed to administer the vaccine and man the computers to do the data entry as people come in. To become a 'Step Up' volunteer, click on

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