A creature 46 feet long and around 30 tons was spotted off the coast of Connecticut.

According WTNH.com., that creature was a Humpback Whale that was spotted around 10am in Long Island Sound this past Friday off the Norwalk/Westport coast near Cockenoe Island. Westport police called the Coast guard to report the sighting. The Coast Guard reported the Humpback was leisurely swimming in the middle of Long Island Sound heading east towards Long Island. Here's a short video from someone who whipped out their phone just in time.

These magnificent creatures are between 40 and 60 feet long and weigh in at between 30 and 40 tons. Humpbacks have no teeth, so what they eat has to go down whole. They manufacture very loud vocal sounds to scare the fish to the surface and then slap their tails in the water to immobilize them and proceed to lunge at the fish to swallow as many as they possibly can. I would pay a large sum of money to be surrounded by Humpback whales, so let's imagine we're out on the water for a leisurely kayak ride, when this happens!


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