Maybe it's time to put up "Watch For Whales" signs in NYC harbors!

Why drop up to $50 on a whale watching trip off the coast of Massachusetts when you can catch a whale or two showing off in various New York City harbors?

An article in the Danbury Daily Voice tells the story of Alex Carr and a bunch of his buddies from the Staten Island Zoo who were fishing off the coast of Staten Island in Raritan Bay recently when a Humpback whale decided to put on a show for the guys.

Google Maps
Google Maps

On Wednesday morning, July 17, Carr's friends reported the gigantic whale was hanging out about 100 feet from their boat where it remained for about a half-an-hour giving the guys plenty of opportunities to snap a bunch of photosHow about some humpback whale fun facts?

  • An average size humpback can hold 5,000 gallons of water in its mouth.
  • Humpbacks measure approximately 38 to 45 feet long and weigh in at around 35 to 40 tons.
  • A humpback's brain weighs about 14 pounds which is 5 times the weight of a human brain.
  • A newborn humpback calf is approximately 12 to 15 feet long and weighs around 1.5 tons.


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