One Hudson Valley school will ditch required mask mandates starting next week.

The coronavirus drastically changed how kids learned for well over a year now. It's hard to believe that around this time last year, parents adapted to becoming part-time teachers and classes were conducted over webcams. I'm not a parent, but from what I've heard it was a total nightmare. Parents, teachers and students of all ages seemed to have their own struggles.

Many speculated that schools would be changed forever. Normal seemed so out of reach last summer.

This school year has been anything but normal for the students even after returning to class. One school district in the Hudson Valley announced that they are taking a giant step towards getting back to normal.

Wappingers Falls Central School District has just announced that they are making drastic changes to their mask rules.

The Wappingers Falls Central School District will follow a letter from the New York State Department of Health that presents new guidance from the CDC for protecting students against the coronavirus pandemic. Wappingers Central School District will no longer require students to wear masks while outdoors starting on June 7. They also announced that masks will no longer be required to be worn inside as well. Masks will be optional indoors at Wappingers Schools.

Will other school districts follow? We may find out in the next coming weeks. There's a good chance that masks may not be required next semester at most if not all Hudson Valley schools.

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