Police say that Paul Rosenfeld's plan was to build and then detonate a 200-pound bomb on election day in Washington, D.C.

Rosenfeld lives on a dead-end street in Tappan, NY where FBI agents and Orangetown Police officers stationed roadblocks this past Tuesday according to a USA Today article. As Rosenfeld attempted to drive home, he was pulled over and arrested by FBI agents. When authorities began questioning Rosenfeld, they say he seemed to have no problem telling his story.

Rosenfeld allegedly told the agents he ordered large quantities of black powder over the internet. After searching his home, authorities discovered what appeared to be a 200-pound bomb in the basement. Rosenfeld was arrested and is being held without bail.

Why did he do it? He reportedly told authorities he was planning on detonating the device on the National Mall in D.C on election day to draw attention to his political belief in sortitionwhich is the use of random selection to fill political positions. He also allegedly told police he was also planning on killing himself with the bomb.

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