The restaurant industry is in trouble because of the world pandemic. For the last six months, restaurants and bars have had to deal with extreme restrictions from limiting occupancy and face coverings, to socially distanced table placement.

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Many restaurants in the greater Danbury area have been able to adjust by offering outdoor dining, but the difference between a chilly autumn day and the onset of winter is a different ballgame. As fall approaches, so do colder temperatures, and now our area eateries face their latest challenge, how to seat customers outdoors and make them comfortable and warm.

Whitehorse Country Pub - Photo Courtesy of Whitehorse FB Page
Whitehorse Country Pub - Photo Courtesy of Whitehorse FB Page

Some restaurants have already added heating systems and tents with ventilation to their outdoor patio areas, according to an article in the Danbury Daily Voice. Other eateries have added dividers or shrubbery that block the wind. Some have even added chairs that retain the heat. I've also heard that some restaurants will have offer blankets to chilly customers.

Even some restauranteurs are carefully adding cocktails and different foods designed to warm up their customers. According to the Chicago Tribune, the windy city launched a restaurant design challenge to find solutions to winter outdoor dining. Check out the entries by clicking on

Creative Outdoor Dining in Greater Danbury

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