This just in from the website: Lottery applications for cannabis delivery service licenses are now available.

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I'm here to tell you not only how to apply for a license to deliver reefer, but you'll be given, free of charge, ingenious suggestions for the name of your new business.

The application window for a delivery license opened on Thursday, and it is not a simple process. The first website you need to click on is

An individual licensed to deliver cannabis is permitted to deliver products from certain cannabis establishments to consumers or qualifying patients and caregivers. According to CT.Gov, "delivery service licensees only deliver cannabis between cannabis establishments and end users, and each individual delivery order of cannabis must be delivered (or returned to the originating establishment) within a 24-hour period."

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If you've read through all the instructions and understand the process, you're a better person than I am because I was immediately overwhelmed by all the rules and regulations. I asked our listeners to come up with suggestions for your new business and I must say, they are outstanding!

"Duuuuuude!" - Jay C.

"Pot Luck Truck" - Sheila V.

"Buzz" - Russ L.

"Bud Express" Lanette M.

"Munchies" - Teeka B. - I’d have a bakery right next door with table coffee and cookies, as well as donuts.

"United Pot Service" - Bobby G.

"EZ Wide Delivery" - Kristin B.

"Blazers" - Frank M.

"Mary Juana's Cannabus" - Sheila V.

"This Bud's For You" - Ricardo L.

"Nice Dreams Herb Delivery" - Ed F. - I would have an old ice cream truck to do the deliveries!!

"Puff the Magic Wagon" - Neil O.

"The Pot Hole" - James H. - I’d build it in my old RV and I’d drive around playing reggae music like an ice cream truck.

"Cannabis for the Restavis" - Gary S.

"Glazed and Confused" - Steven G.

Some of these ideas are genius.


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