Connecticut's Sticky might just be a little more icky.

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Marijuana use may be normalizing, the stigma may be fading but the issues with legalization persist in Connecticut. Cannabis consumers and the state officials seem to be learning as they go and the next consideration is fungus.

According to a new NPR article, "Connecticut has a higher threshold for total yeast and mold in medical cannabis than many other states."

Simply put, we allow for more mold in our weed than most states by a lot. The mold is measured in cfu/g or colony forming unit per gram and CT has a limit of 100,00 cfu/g. That limit is ten times the amount of states like Maine, Colorado and Massachusetts have a cfu/g max of 10,000.


As part of their research, NPR spoke to Michael Kahn, CEO of MCR Labs who said:

We really do have a state-by-state-by-state experiment, I guess, in public health,” he said. “I just wish that the states would talk to each other more and adjust their regulations based on each other’s data.

What does this mold threshold mean for you? Well, it sounds like that depends on your health, the types of mold and the amount. But my guess is that even with a high mold threshold, it's got to be safer than buying a bag of weed off the street, in that case you have 0 testing and no knowledge of where it comes from. Best of luck out there.

Bulat Silvia
Bulat Silvia

We talked about this on the Wednesday edition of the I-95 Morning Show, listen below.

Sorry if I scared you with these numbers. Just keep in mind Willie Nelson is alive and well at 89 years of age.

MusiCares Person Of The Year Honoring Dolly Parton – Inside
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Dude give absolutely zero f--- about cfu/g's. As you read this he's high as a kite with approximately 600,000 cfu/g's in his mouth.

DISCLAIMER: The Willie Nelson "information" above is not a matter of fact, it's more of an educated guess.

Fungus is having it's day, from HBO's "The Last of Us" to the evening news, fungus is the hottest talking point out right now.

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I-95 Photo: Aurora Photography
I-95 Photo: Aurora Photography

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