I have a bunch of friends who are Patriots fans. I have a bunch that I work with right here at the radio station. The one thing they all had in common this morning was glassy, red eyes and an anguished smile on their face. These guys are not even from Boston.

So, how drunk was Boston last night? Fact is there are few cities in America that can put down alcohol like the city of Boston can. I know from experience. I spent a month there one night. The city is famous for it's partying.

I am sure that the drunkest the city ever got was after the Red Sox ended a 1 million year World Series drought. I am also willing to bet that last night they were not far behind. I mean you have a first half that probably drove them all to drink out of sadness. That was followed by an unbelievable second half that probably drove them to drink out of joy.

Boston was drunker than Joe Namath at a Monday Night Football game.

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