Do you want to get away from it all and be entertained by amazing talent?  Go see a show!  I had an opportunity recently to see Cirque Du Soleil at the Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport, CT.   I had never been before, but had heard a lot about it.  Well, it was truly amazing!  The strength of the acrobats, the incredible talent, and the beautiful music were captivating.

To be honest, I tend to be super predictable and structured with my free time, which makes me feel like I just don’t have time to enjoy the professional and amateur entertainment offered around me.   I have done my share of performing in local community theater, even hijacking my then 5-year old son to act with me in a performance of A Christmas Carol at the Thomaston Opera House.  I love being around and inspired by creative people.  Seeing that amazing show recently really reminded me of that.  It made my heart beat fast and put a smile on my lips.  Yes, I have been known to tear up at a middle school band concert, but I think most people like to have their emotions stirred by seeing some sort of performing art.  The Danbury area has so much to offer in this area!   Summer time is especially abundant.  Check out the Palace Theater, City Center Danbury events, local community theater, etc.  You can find out more info about Cirque Du Soleil at

Please make some time to escape from the everyday and be entertained.  It will make your heart happy!

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