The possibilities are endless when we talk about Connecticut's goats. So what can't they do? They're adorable, they make cute strange noises when they communicate, and you can participate in goat yoga.

What's not to love when it comes to goats? Thanks to an article in the New Haven Register, I've found out that now you can rent one, two, or a herd of goats to weed your yard. It's called Goatscaping, and yes, it's a thing!

Mason Enterprises in Granby, CT, offers legitimate CT Goatscaping services but it's not cheap. You're looking at between $750-$850 per week. If you're interested, click on Got weeds or poison ivy?

There is a location in Connecticut where you can go and play with the goats that offer various goat experiences and it's called Bradley Mountain Farm in Southington, Connecticut.

This unique farm offers everything goat from Goatee Academy to Goats On The Go, Go-Ating Corporate, Farm Birthday Parties, Farm Weddings, Farm Tours, and all the farm tour merchandise you can wear.

At the end of April, you might have read my article titled, "Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick Seen Goat Shopping at Connecticut Farm." As it turns out, Kevin and his wife, Kyra, are absolutely enthralled with goats and at times Kevin will wander out to the goat and llama corral and sing a tune or two.

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